Notre parcours - Chemin de fer touristique du haut quercy

The Journey

Hight-Quercy Tourist Railway

Hight-Quercy Tourist Railway

You come  out of the passenger hall, and, depending on day and time , a beautiful steam locomotive or a powerful diesel is at the head of the train in the station of Martel, ready to take you on a fantastic journey .

A journey of 8 miles (13 Km) round trip, more than 80 meters (260 feet) high cliff , giving a wonderful panorama of the Dordogne Valley.

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Martel – Passenger Hall

View over the medieval city of Martel

Mirandol viewing platform on the 80 m high cliff

Village of St-Denis Les Martel

Paintures tunnel – 72 m long

Mirandol tunnel - 394 m

Martel - On the departure platform

Meyrangle cutting

Scourtils Viaduct (115 m long, 35m high)

Aerial view

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