Locomotives and carriages

Discover our steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and our semi-open carriages.

Sit back and enter the world of rail of Tourist Railway of Haut-Quercy!

Steam locomotives

030 Tkh Ferrum n°5703    

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

Polish locomotive.

P :600 HP, weight: 45 tons, speed :60 km / h

Bought in Poland by the CFTHQ in 2000, this locomotive needed 3,000 hours of work for its restoration. It resumed service in August 2001 and was named “Marine”..

040 T 17 SACM  

Contact et accès I Train à vapeur de Martel | Chemin de fer Touristique Lot

P: 800 HP – Weight in working order: 64 tons

Built in 1927 in Eastern France by the Society Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques (SACM) to Graffenstaden, and assigned to cokig plant in north west France.

It was bought by the CFTHQ in 2010. After restoration work, she was used on our line in 2012.


030 T N°4 – Trambouze 

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

This locomotive was manufactured by the factory Schneider in Creusot (France).

Built in 1921 to the same 1891 model as her sisters: “Future”, “Hope” and “Progress”, it took its name from the stream that runs through the village. It ran between Cours (69) and St Victor on behalf of the Cours to St-Victor Railway Company .

Withdrawn in 1961, it was then bought by Roger Bras to Espalion (Aveyron), who lovingly restored it. Mr. Bras would have loved to see her run at Martel, but after he died his family was chose our Association to preserve “the Trambouze.”

The “Trambouze” is on display in front of our station at Martel.

150 Z N°503661 

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

This 1938 German steam locomotive was formerly assigned to the Berlin Engine Shed. Serviced in 1994 it was virtually unused since it was stored in a tunnel where unfortunatly it was stripped ot some parts. It arrived in Martel in June 20, 2007 will be restored and will then ran between Martel and St-Denis-Les-Martel.

This locomotive symbolizes the history of steam during World War 2. It completes the locomotive collection of the Association whose purpose is the preservation and restoration of installations and trains.

Locomotive 040 Tkp SLASK N°6281  

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

P: 900 HP – max speed: 45 km / h
Built in 1963 by Fabryce Lokomotyw w Chrzanowie (Poland).
Bought in Belgium in 2014, this machine is now being restored.

Diesel locomotives

BB 63924 et BB 63816    

Diesel locomotives made available by the SNCF ( French State Railways) august 2008 and September 2011.
P: 800 HP.

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy



Le Train à vapeur de Martel | Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

These semi-open ( but roofed) carriages were built in the workshops of CFTHQ.
One has a ramp for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.

Passenger carriage Z 4100 du POwith glazed windows

Le Train à vapeur de Martel | Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

Built in 1936 by the Industrial Society Bacalan Ateliers de Bordeaux.
Added to passenger trains in case of bad weather.

Railcar « Picasso » X 3968  (Série X 3800)

Chemin de fer Touristique du Haut-Quercy

Introduced in 1956, it transported passengers until 1987.
The nickname “Picasso” was given by the railwaymen as this railcar with its offset cab is a bit like the distorted faces in the paintings of the famous painter. Donated by the Aveyronnaise Association (CFTA) in 2003.
Waiting to be restored.